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Transport infrastructure

The geographic position of the oblast has predetermined its transformation into a biggest transport junction.

Major thoroughfares go through Gomel oblast. Gomel is located on the junction of the railroads going from Odessa to St. Petersburg via Kiev, from Briansk to Brest. There are exits from Eastern Ukraine and Central Russia to specialized seaports of Klaipeda, Ventspils, Kaliningrad.

Motor transport occupies significant place in the general turnover of goods and passengers. Motorways from St. Petersburg to Odessa, Briansk – Kobrin, Gomel-Minsk pass through the oblast. The town of Gomel has an international airport. The river Sozh links Gomel with the Dnepr. The rivers Pripiat, Dnepr, Berezina are navigable.

The gas lines coming via the oblast include the international oil main line Druzhba, Mozyr mainline, a variety of republican and local gas lines. One of the biggest companies in the oblast is Gomeltransneft Druzhba, which transits Russian oil and transports oil from the SJC Mozyr oil refinery and production association Belorusneft. The general length of the Druzhba oil lines is about 2000 kilometers.

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