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Small-scale business and encouragement of entrepreneurship

Organization of the state support for small and middle-scale business in Gomel oblast

The state support for small entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus is fulfilled on the following main guidelines:
- formation of the infrastructure of the support and development of small entrepreneurship including the assistance in organizing centers of entrepreneurship support and small entrepreneurship incubators, innovation centers and chambers of trade and industry;

- creation of favorable conditions for the access of small entrepreneurship agents to financial, material-technical and information resources and to sci-tech projects and technologies;

- support of the foreign economic activity of small entrepreneurship agents, including the assistance in developing their industrial, trade, sci-tech and information relations with foreign partners;

- organization of professional training, retraining and enhancement of qualifications of small entrepreneurship personnel;

- examination of the activity of entrepreneurship structures.

The infrastructure of supporting small and medium-size business of Gomel oblast


Postal address


Name and Surname

Entrepreneurship department of the economy ministry of the Republic of Belarus

220048, Miasnikova Str. 39

Tel: +0172224703

Director of the department

Alexander Yaroslavovich Likhachevskiy

Economy committee of the Gomel oblast executive committee

246050, Lenin Avenue 2, 304, Gomel

Tel: 746164

Chair of the economy committee

Elvira Leonidovna Karnitskaya

Entrepreneurship department of the economy committee of the Gomel oblast executive committee

Lenin Avenue 2, 303, Gomel

Tel: 744469

Head of the department

Tatiana Borisovna Smashnikova

Office for entrepreneurship development of the economy department of the Gomel City Council

246050, Sovetskaya Str. 16, Gomel

Tel: 55-55-17

Head of the office

Marina Mikhailovna Krivun

Commercial unitary company Business Initiative center for entrepreneurship support

Krestianskaya Str. 16-233 (hotel Sozh), Gomel

Tel: 74-81-69


Leonid Anatolievich Moiseishin

Business Center Ltd. Mozyr, center for entrepreneurship support and small entrepreneurship incubator

Ulyanovskaya Str. 13, Mozyr

Tel: +02351 23547


Zoya Nikolaevna Zmushko

Employment regional center

246050, Proletarskaya Str. 18, Gomel

Tel: 745686


Alexander Pavlovich Kliuchinskiy

Unitary company Gomel office of the Belarusian Camber of Commerce and Industry

Pervomayskaya Str. 21, Gomel

Tel/Fax: 740390


Director general

Klavdia Maksimovna Konovalenko

Regional development agency

Lenin Avenue 2A-3, Gomel

Tel: 747268


Viktor Anatolievich Buryi

Public organizations supporting small entrepreneurship in Gomel and Gomel oblast:

- Public association for rendering assistance to private entrepreneurship development Edinstvo

- Belarusian union of business-incubators, centers for entrepreneurship support, innovation centers and technological parks

- Oblast trade union Sadruzhnost. The trade union unites workers of small companies and cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs

- Public organization Gomel department of the Belarusian Engineering Academy

- Public organization Belarusian union of entrepreneurs

- Belarusian scientific-industrial association

- Belarusian confederation of manufacturers and entrepreneurs /employers/

- Free trade union Belorusskiy

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