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Natural resources

Among mineral deposits valuable for the national economy are fuel and energy raw materials. About 1500 deposits of peat have been investigated. In 1964 the first commercial oil was extracted in the vicinity of the town of Rechitsa. Over a hundred million tons thereof have been obtained since then.

One third of the territory of the oblast is covered with forests. The oblast is ranked first in forest deposits in Belarus.

The total area of agrarian lands is 1364 thousand hectares. Arable fields occupy 59% of the land, hayfields and pastures—37%.

In the southeastern part of the Pripyatskaya depression coal deposits were found. Fuel slates were found in the Yelsk region. The stock of brown coal in Zhitkovichi and Brinevsk deposits is estimated to be one hundred million tons. The investigated deposits of rock salt exceed 22 billion tons. Based on the Mozyr deposit the greatest in the republic salt manufacture was established (JSC Mozyrsol). The oblast has deposits of potassium salts, chalk, construction stones, glass and formwork sands. Searching and assessment works of the diamond deposits are carried out in the oblast.

Preparation is planned to commercial operation of the Diabazovoye deposits, the ores thereof being a complex raw material for producing beryllium and rare-earth elements. There is a possibility of construction a mine with the annual extraction of 100-200,000 tons of the mineral deposits.

The oblast has prerequisites for detecting some new sources of raw materials - gypsum, basalt fibers, mineral sorbents, iodine-bromine broth. 

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