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Economic-geographical situation

Like the entire Republic of Belarus, Gomel oblast is quite a stable region in socio-economic and political terms. The oblast have been experiencing neither economic, political nor national conflicts. The Belarusian legislation guarantees protection of investments, envisages a number of tax preferences to investors as well as the right to free management of the profits received from investment activities.

Gomel oblast is located in the Southeast of Belarus and borders on Briansk oblast of Russia, as well as on Kiev, Chernigov and Zhitomir oblasts of Ukraine.

It has the area of 40,400 square kilometers, which is one fifths of the country’s territory.

About 1,5mln people live in the oblast. The administration center - Gomel – with its 0,5mln residents is the second largest town in Belarus after Minsk.

Gomel oblast has quite favorable natural condition for the development of all spheres of human activities. The climate is continental with warm summer and mild winter. The relief is flat. The oblast’s vegetation period is the longest in the country.

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