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The Gomel farm machinery producer Gomselmash

The Gomel-based farm machinery manufacturer Gomselmash is a state-owned enterprise. It is affiliated with the Industry Ministry of Belarus. The Gomselmash enterprise is part of the Production Association Gomselmash. Valery Zhmailik is Gomselmash Director General.  

Address: 41 Shoseinaya street, Gomel, Belarus, 246004
Phone: (0232) 63 90 66
Teletype: 110115 Almaz
Fax: (0232) 54 91 93

Gomselmash is a multi-industry producer. It produces technologically interrelated line of agricultural machinery to cultivate and harvest arable crops using the up-to-date agrarian technologies.

The success of the farm machinery sold under the Gomselmash trademark is attributed to its high quality and reliability achieved through technological upgrade, up-to-date design solutions and technologies, “know-how” and personnel’s skills.   

The company’s great expertise, the introduction of the state-of-the-art technologies and creative potential of the staff has made Gomselmash an advanced, stable and flexible manufacturer.   

At present Gomselmash produces the entire lineups of machines for various purposes that makes it possible to provide a customer with one brand machinery. 

Gomselmash’s lineup includes combine harvesters and complexes for harvesting grain, corn, forage, sugar beet, potatoes, flax and also mowing machines and soil cultivators.

The power range of the machines: self-propelled combine harvesters and complexes from 210 to 450hp, pull-type and mounted machinery with the power capacity from 50 to 350hp.

Grain harvesters: KZS-7 Palesse GS07, KZS-812 Palesse GS812, KZS-10K Palesse GS10, KZS-1218 Palesse GS12, KZ-14 Palesse GS14.

Forage harvesters and complexes: KBK-800-16 Palesse FS80-2, KSK-600 Palesse FS60, K-G-6 Palesse K-G-6, KDP-3000 Palesse FT40.

Mowing machines: KPR-9 Palesse CH90, KPN-6 Palesse CH60, KPP-4,2 Palesse CT42, KIN-F-1500 Palesse CH15.

Sugar-beet harvesting combine: SKS-624 Palesse BS624.

Potato harvesting combine: PKK-2-05 Palesse PT25.     

Flax harvesting combine: KLS-3,5 Palesse LS35.

Corn harvesting combine: KOK-6 Palesse OROS MH and its derived versions.

Rapeseed harvesting machine: PR-6, PR-7.

The Design, production and maintenance of the Gomselmash farm machinery are certified in conformity with the requirements of the international management quality standard ISO 9001-2001. The most popular models of the farm machinery are certified in conformity with EU’s requirements. It has the right to apply CE marking on its machines. 

Gomselmash has become the winner of the Belarus Government quality award for several times. The Gomselmash machinery was successfully displayed at the Best Goods of Belarus Contest and the Best Belarusian Goods on Russian Market Contest.   

Gomselmash annually participates in the biggest international agri-industrial exhibitions Golden Autumn, Belagro, Day of Field. The Gomselmash machinery won a lot of gold and silver medals and the new machines won the Golden Autumn Grand Prix. The products of the enterprise were well received at other international exhibitions as well.   

Gomselmash has an extensive network of dealer and technical support centers with highly skilled personnel.

For more information go to www.gomselmash.by

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