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How to put a project on the website

Investment-seeking companies can put information about their investment projects on the website for free.
To do it, please, fill in and send investment project passports or CEI forms by email to,

An investment project passport is a form with the most important facts about a project.

Download a blank investment project passport (.doc)

A CEI form is a form with detailed information about investment projects, including financial performance figures.

This form of project presentation briefly describes key elements of an investment proposal in a way to enable potential investors to find answers to the following questions: What are the profit opportunities? Is there a potential for expansion and demand on the market? What piece of the market the company can take? What are the competitive advantages and how can they be used to reach the targeted goals? What is the estimated need for funding and what are the investment terms? The information is supposed to convince an investor that the company has a major growth potential, that the required investments will be used for intended purposes, will bring profits for investors, and will secure the company’s foothold on the market.

Download a blank CEI form (.doc)

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