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Investment activity

The Gomel Oblast is by right considered one of the most rapidly advancing regions of the Republic of Belarus. It has accumulated a huge industrial, agricultural and sci-tech potential.

The local authorities attach a paramount importance to raising investments, improving the investment appeal and maintaining the favorable image of the Gomel Oblast. Investment and economic forums are used as an instrument to bring these goals to life.

In order to enhance its investment appeal, the Gomel Oblast seeks to advance to the leading positions in terms of innovative potential and development of the R&D complex.

The Gomel Oblast has always been in the lead in terms of capital investment. The inexhaustible investment potential of the region is its greatest advantage that secures a steady interest of investors.

At present, the economic policy of the Gomel Oblast emphasizes the modernization of the existing enterprises and the creation of new production facilities.

The investments will be channeled first of all into construction, power engineering, processing industry, tourism, trade and service sector.

Foreign investments are essential for the financial support of domestic producers and other economic entities, introduction of new technologies, enhancement of export potential and reorganization of the national economy. 

Foreign investments are needed given the increasing internationalization (integration) of production and economic systems

The companies of the Gomel Oblast have launched a range of large-scale investment projects. Many of them are implemented with the help of foreign investments.

The glass container project was launched at the Gomel glass-container plant in 2008 owing to the Austrian capital (ATEC company). The Belstekloprom foreign limited liability company has commissioned the first phase of the glass container production.

The Gomelsteklo open joint stock company is modernizing the float glass production facility with the help of loans from German banks.

Heineken has launched a project to modernize the Rechitsapivo joint venture and develop its commodity distribution network to strengthen its positions on the beer market.

Iran’s AZARAB has started a project to develop a chalk deposit in the Vetka Region and to construct a cement plant

The Lotos company from Belarus is implementing an investment project to start the production of cellular concrete blocks and lime sand bricks at the lime sand deposit in the Mozyr Region.

The investment projects that are in the pipeline include the construction of cement plants, upgrading the existing hotels in the Gomel oblast to enhance their status to 3 and 4 stars, setting up the production of passenger cars, harvesting biogas from the landfill waste to make electricity.

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